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Whitesburg Elementary Selected as Site for Six Week Program

Dec 07 2016

The Georgia Public Library Services has awarded a PRIME TIME Family Reading Time Grant to the West Georgia Regional Library. The Library has selected Whitesburg as the site for this six week program.

Originally created by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1991, PRIME TIME has been successfully implemented to share the love of reading in hundreds of communities around the country. The goals of the program are to bond families through the act of reading, to encourage discussion of humanities topics, and to help families create home libraries to encourage continued reading.

Twenty families will participate in this six-week program to share award-winning children’s literature and to stimulate discussion on issues encountered in everyday life. Each week, the participants will receive a meal, door prizes, and books to share the love and importance of reading with their families. A scholar and storyteller will model reading and sharing practices with the families. The scholar for this program is Mary Reid, M.A. from the Department of Pre-Kindergarten, College of Education at the University of West Georgia. There will also be a storyteller from the community. Principal Marissa Ogando from Whitesburg Elementary School has volunteered to be the Community Organizer for this program.

“I am very proud of our school and system for being a place that others recognize as caring for and focused on our families,” said Ogando. Ogando, along with Library Coordinator Teresa Jones, Scholar Mary Reed, and the Storyteller will be attending a training about the program in New Orleans in January 2017.