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Delayed Dismissal on Aug 21 Due to the Solar Eclipse

Aug 02 2017

CARROLL COUNTY, GA – The Carroll County School System will be delaying dismissal by 40 minutes on Monday, August 21, due to the expected solar eclipse.  Elementary School release will be at 3:00pm, High School release at 4:00pm and Middle School release at 4:15pm.

Carroll County is predicted to experience a 97% solar eclipse around 2:30pm.   A partial eclipse is enough to cause concern for student and staff safety. Predictions are calling for the darkest part of the eclipse to take place during the normal times of dismissal for our most vulnerable students, those in elementary schools. 

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), as well as several public health organizations, have published safety precautions relating to the upcoming solar eclipse. Making sure that all students are under the supervision and guidance of adults during this time, thus ensuring their safety, is of the most importance to school system leaders.   

The Solar Eclipse could prove to be a great learning opportunity at all educational levels, allowing students with approved eye protection to witness and learn about this rare occurrence in our solar system.  Schools in the district may share educational resources and links ahead of the eclipse to provide greater information on the event and the need to use extreme caution and safety.