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Carroll County Schools Graduation Rate Continues to Increase

Sep 28 2017

The Georgia Department of Education has released the 2017 high school graduation rates. Carroll County high schools have seen a 27% increase in graduation rate over the last six years. The 2017 Carroll County district rate is 85.7% compared to the state rate of 80.6%. Mt. Zion High School lead the way for Carroll County Schools with a 98.1% graduation rate. Temple High School’s rate was also over 90%, with a 91.9% rate for 2017.

The graduation rate in Carroll County continues to rise as the district's schools increase students’ access to unique, personalized learning opportunities that keep students engaged – including Career Pathways, dual enrollment, AP programs, work-based learning, and internships. Carroll County schools are utilizing data more effectively to identify students’ individual learning needs; there is increased emphasis on a balanced curriculum that supports the whole child and a positive school climate that allows students to learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Carroll County is the only school district in Georgia to provide students two college and career program sites with curriculums designed to ensure students graduate prepared to be enrolled, enlisted or employed. Additionally, Carroll County is a state and national leader in partnering with local businesses to improve graduation rates through programs such as 12 For Life, a partnership with the Southwire Company.

Carroll County Graduation Rates 2011 - 2017
2017 - 85.7 percent
2016 - 85.7 percent
2015 - 82.7 percent
2014 - 74.5 percent
2013 - 73.9 percent
2012 - 76.5 percent
2011 - 67.1 percent

2017 Carroll County High School Graduation Rates
Bowdon HS - 86.3 percent
Central HS - 83.4 percent
Mt. Zion HS - 98.1 percent
Temple HS - 91.9 percent
Villa Rica HS - 81.4 percent