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Exceptional Children

Welcome to Exceptional Children's Services

The goal of Exceptional Children's Services is to ensure children with disabilities and their families are afforded a premier learning environment with individualized support for the development of social, emotional, and academic growth of the whole child. If you are unable to locate information or need additional assistance, please contact us by email or phone at 678-890-1416.


Cammie Tysver - Director - Email Cammie Tysver

Linda Capps - Coordinator - Email Linda Capps

DiJuana Francis - Coordinator - Email DiJuana Francis

Kami Barker - Facilitator- PALS, PES, SCES, RES - Email Kami Barker

Joy Brown - Facilitator- BES, MZES, TES, TMS - Email Joy Brown

Kristian Edge - Facilitator- BSMS, BMS, IES, SHES - Email Kristian Edge

Albertina Heath - Facilitator- MZHS, MZM, THS, VRM, Kidspeace - Email Albertina Heath

Brett Hicks - Facilitator- CCA, GNETS, GOAL, 12 For Life, OC, BHS, CES, CHS, VRHS - Email Brett Hicks

Ashley Martin - System-Wide Adapted Programs - Email Ashley Martin

Tonya Pittman - Facilitator- CMS, GHES, VRES, WES - Email Tonya Pittman

Kimberly Waldrop - Behavior Specialist - Email Kimberly Waldrop

Linda Brown - ECS Administrative Assistant - Email Linda Brown

Faye Eady - ECS Secretary- Records Request, Due Process - Email Faye Eady

Lawana Knight - ECS Secretary- Move-in Records, Medicaid - Email Lawana Knight

Kate Carnes - Parent Mentor - Email Kate Carnes


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